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Discover the Wonders of Nature

BNAC Park Facts:

The park is open from dawn to dusk daily all year long.
> There are 19 acres of property located along Buffalo Creek that are available to the public.
> Trails and boardwalks lead through wooded areas, meadows and gardens. All trails are accessible.
> If you travel every trail in the park, the distance would be about 2 miles.
> Off the trails, there are several paths that lead to the Buffalo Creek.
> Picnic tables and benches are available throughout the park.
> A play area for children is located near the parking lot.
> An amphitheater rests near the creek.
> Placards throughout the park provide information about Charles E Burchfield and the history of the area.
> The gardens are tended by volunteers.
> The park is “dog friendly”.
> Numbered trail markers follow no pattern, but serve as points of reference.
> The big building near Union Road contains the BNAC Art Gallery and classroom. Stop in for a visit.
> Entry to the parking lot is via Race Street off Union Road


The BNAC parklands provide a vibrant natural habitat. They are “HOME” for many birds and other wildlife. People who come to enjoy the park are GUESTS in that “HOME”. Please be a good guest. Remember:
- Stay on paths. Dangers such as poison ivy and vegetation with thorns are present and are natural elements in the park.
- Do NOT climb trees or pull on the limbs.
- Do NOT pick flowers or foliage.
- Keep the Peace – talk softly and listen to the park.

- Do not feed, approach, chase or yell at the wildlife.
- Enjoy & respect tables, benches, art works and structures placed in the park for your comfort.
The Town of West Seneca enforces the following rules to keep the park safe:
· No littering
· No alcoholic beverages

· No bicycle riding
· No use of skateboards or roller skates
· No camping
· No grills or fires
· Do not feed the wildlife
· Keep dogs on leash and clean up after dogs.
These rules are police enforced. You can report problems, vandalism or emergencies by calling the West Seneca Police at 674-2280 or by calling 911.

Emerald Ash Borer is present in some trees on the BNAC property. This Asian beetle infests and kills ASH trees. We realize that many trees may be lost in the coming years. In response, we are putting efforts in to maintaining the health of other trees in the park such basswood, maple, oak, cottonwood and elder. One of our projects involves the trimming of wild grapevines. These vines can choke trees if not controlled. It is a yearly task that has been successful in saving many trees.

click for giant hog weed details at NYS DEC

We have a smoke-free policy for all Town of West Seneca owned parks, playgrounds and property

Practice your  Tree identification with this brochure, watch for Emerald Ash borers, poison Ivy, and Giant Hog Weed    

A printable map of our walking trails is also available.