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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

BNAC Wonder Book fund raiser tickets will be available at BNAC tables at community events throughout 2019.

Kenn Morgan's photography lecture to be June 15 at 2:PM

$5 per attendee

If your pictures are important to you, Kenn’s lecture might be just what you want to hear. If so, call to reserve a seat and bring pen and note pad. You might also bring your camera or smartphone in case you have questions about it in the Q & A session or if you want to take a few photos after the lecture.

The winners of  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle poster contest are: 

Awards were given to seven of thirty-seven students, from six schools in Western NY 

Awards in the K through Grade 2 division are:

-        3rd Place, Natalie Greenway 2nd Grade, Allendale Elementary West Seneca

-        2nd Place, Parker McCrea 1st Grade, Marilla Primary Iroquois

-        1st Place, Molly Zolads 2nd Grade, Fricano Elementary Starpoint

 Awards in the 3rd through 5th Grade division are:

-        3rd Place, Bradley Hattler 4th Grade, Winchester Elementary West Seneca

-        2nd Place, Trinity Quinones 5th Grade, Allendale Elementary West Seneca

-        1st Place, Sierra Stutz 5th Grade, Allegany-Limestone Elementary Allegany-Limestone

 Awarded in the 6th through 8th Grade division are:

-        1st Place, Delorah Mast 6th Grade Orchard Park Middle Orchard Park


All participating students received a certificate of appreciation for their contributions toward increasing awareness of the need to reduce and recycle trash to protect our environment.