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Erie County has made a commitment to address climate change and help create a more sustainable region. Those efforts can be seen in the Climate Action & Sustainability Plan (CASP) for internal operations, which was created by the Erie County Green Team and adopted by the Erie County Legislature in January 2019. The County has also been working with community stakeholders to create a Community Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the impacts of climate change. Erie County issues annual updates on this work.

Mental Health: How the Arts Can Help

 Art Services Inc. highlights the work of those who are using the arts to help alleviate general and mental health challenges within the community, including our veterans and active duty military personnel.    Also, the Healing Arts Program at Oishei Children’s Hospital provides pediatric patients and families with services through an emotional, mental, and physical healing experience

Adopt A Garden at the Burchfield Park 

Adopt a garden.  We  are offering individuals and groups the chance to come and take care of a garden on their own time and at their own pace.  Our volunteers will get you or your group started and support you as needed.   Just call or stop in.