HABITAT  &  SAFE PARK:

The BNAC parklands provide a vibrant natural habitat. They are “HOME” for many birds and other wildlife.  People who come to enjoy the park are GUESTS in that “HOME”.  Please be a good guest.  Remember:

-          Stay on paths.  Dangers such as poison ivy and vegetation with thorns are present and are natural elements in the park.
-          Do NOT climb trees or pull on the limbs.  
-          Do NOT pick flowers or foliage.  
-          Keep the Peace – talk softly and listen to the park.
-          Enjoy and respect the tables, benches, art works and structures placed in the park for your comfort.
-          Do not feed, approach, chase or yell at the wildlife.
The Town of West Seneca enforces the following rules to keep the park safe:
·       No littering
·       No alcoholic beverages
·       No bicycle riding
·       No use of skateboards or roller skates
·       No camping
·       No grills or fires
·       Do not feed the wildlife
·       Keep dogs on leash and clean up after dogs.

These rules are police enforced.  You can report problems, vandalism or emergencies by calling the West Seneca Police at 674-2280 or by calling 911.

Our Volunteers are happy to arrange Group tours.  Just call the Gallery phone  Monday, Wednesday, or Friday 11:AM - 2:PM  for more information and to make  arrangements.

Poison Ivy sprout

BNAC Park Facts:
The park is open from dawn to dusk daily all year long.
 There are 19 acres of property located along Buffalo Creek that are available to the public.
 Trails and boardwalks lead through wooded areas, meadows and gardens. All trails are accessible.
  If you travel every trail in the park, the distance would be about 2 miles. 
 Off the trails, there are several paths that lead to the Buffalo Creek.
 Picnic tables and benches are available throughout the park.
 A play area for children is located near the parking lot.
  An amphitheater rests near the creek.
  Placards throughout the park provide information about Charles E Burchfield and the history of the area.
 The gardens are tended by volunteers.
  The park is “dog friendly”.
  Numbered trail markers follow no pattern, but serve as points of reference.
  The big building near Union Road contains the BNAC Art Gallery and classroom.  Stop in for a visit.
Entry to the parking lot is via Race Street off Union Road

Emerald Ash Borer

Giant HogWeed is near our park click here for details from NY DEC

Tree identification ! click here for .pdf