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The park, playground, and buildings are owned by the town of West Seneca  

Events and projects are managed by the Friends of the BNAC volunteers

three young girls sitting on the ground in their fairy costumes working with sticks

Park Hours: Dawn to Dusk Volunteers available in office/classroom Monday Wednesday and Friday, beginning January 24, 2022

Gallery Hours:
(Closed until Repairs can be made.)
The Nature & Art Center is located in the park at the corner of Union Road & Clinton Street in West Seneca, NY.

Annual Reports:  

    2022 Annual Report       

2018 narrative  or  list

2019 narrative  or  list

2020 narrative

2021 narrative

The Friends of the Burchfield provide these printable resources for your personal use only. Click on each title/link to open it in Adobe Reader (pdf)

Burchfield Nature & Art Center brochure

Butterfly Guide
Bird Guide

Deer Guide
Tree Identification guide
Map of park trails


Fall 2022

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Spring 2021

Summer 2020

Fall 2019

Winter 2019

Autumn 2018
Summer 2018

Watch for these unwelcome Visitors in  our park:

Emerald Ash Borer

Poison Ivy

Giant Hog Weed

Emerald Ash Borer is a green bug that is smaller than a U.S. penny
a three leafed poison ivy sprout, can cause rash or irritation so please be careful
Giant Hog weed grows to be taller than people, this image is a size comparison between the weed and a man with the weed being a foot taller